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Период полураспада истин

В статье вводится понятие «периода полураспада истины». Половина того, что медики полагали знанием о болезнях печени оказалось ложным или устаревшим через 45 лет.
Удалось воспроизвести результаты только 6 из 53 важных исследований в области онкологии.
«Скрытое публичное знание»: результаты важных открытий  иногда оказываются «похоронены» среди большого количества бесполезных исследований и не используются, хотя могли сохранить многие жизни.

* * *

Arbesman applies the concept of half-life, the time required for half the atoms of a given amount of a radioactive substance to disintegrate, to the dissolution of facts. For example, the half-life of the radioactive isotope strontium-90 is just over 29 years. Applying the concept of half-life to facts, Arbesman cites research that looked into the decay in the truth of clinical knowledge about cirrhosis and hepatitis. “The half-life of truth was 45 years,” reported the researchers.

In other words, half of what physicians thought they knew about liver diseases was wrong or obsolete 45 years later.
How many of the findings in 845,175 articles published in 2009 and recorded in PubMed, the free online medical database, were actually replicated? Not all that many. In 2011, a disheartening study in Nature reported that a team of researchers over ten years was able to reproduce the results of only six out of 53 landmark papers in preclinical cancer research.
Combing through the “hidden public knowledge” in the prior studies, the researchers concluded that the scientists could have found a statistically significant result in 1973 rather than in 1988. No doubt countless lives were lost because the knowledge of streptokinase’s efficacy remained hidden in the scientific literature for 15 years.


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